In 1993, ArtZ began as ArtZCards in New York City. We created and sold a patented, premium quality, photo window card through the stationery market. Realizing that professional photographers were in the most need of this product, we began attending professional photographer tradeshows. At that time, the album industry was crying for some clean, simple, elegant photo albums and so we transitioned into a card and photo album company. We changed our name to ArtZ and made our mission to offer the professional photographer a premium quality product that enhanced ones images as individual pieces of fine art vs. telling ‘the entire story’. Our products and imagery are consistent in their communication of this understated elegance.

At ArtZ, we are focused on the professional photographer and bringing them the highest quality product available. We look at our customer’s needs and how that translates into product or service innovation. We also look at the visual, tactile and convenience criteria concerning the user. As well as, any production innovations or conservation in the way we produce our products. ArtZ is excited about offering not only our ‘self-service’ offerings, but adding ‘full-service’ albums and boxes to our line-up. Our customers have asked for that and we have taken the time to craft the service to match the quality of our products. We, at ArtZ are also dedicated to using ‘All American’ resources and manufacturing. We look forward to serving the professional photographer, artist and avid amateur in the best way possible, for a long time to come.


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