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What is your address and contact information …?

ArtZ, 408 North Plum Avenue, Bozeman, MT 59715, or, ArtZ, PO Box 6568, Bozeman, MT 59771.


Toll-free: 800.789.6503

Phone: 406.586.8720

Fax: 406.586.8732


When can I call and speak to someone at ArtZ…?

We are open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Mountain Standard Time. We are closed New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days), and Christmas Week (1-5 days). If you call and leave a message, we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

How did ArtZ come to be...?

ArtZ has been in business since 1993. It began as a card company called art’z’cards in New York City, then moved to Chicago where it expanded it’s line of products into the spiral album realm. In 1995, the company moved to Bozeman, Montana and was incorporated under the parent name Olson Design Company, Inc. At that time, the company began creating a premier line of leather products called The Coffee Table Book and Box. In 1997,the art’z’cards name was shortened to ArtZ.

Who founded ArtZ …?
Kristin Olson VanDeWalle is the President and Founder of ArtZ. She brings to the business her background as a product designer, inventor, marketer and manager. She understands what today’s creative person desires in a product. Kristin’s primary function is to make sure ArtZ is the innovator and creator of the best designed, highest quality products in the industry.


What is ArtZ’s mission …?
ArtZ’s mission is to provide our customers with an innovative product that combines simplicity and elegance with high design, high quality materials and craftsmanship, with a service that is prompt, personal and courteous.


What is ArtZ’s design philosophy …?
ArtZ’s product line is based on creating products that allow the photo or image to be the focal point. The presentation product must reflect the high quality, design sensitivity and care of the image. All our products are based upon patents that protect the assembly and security of an image into the window mat product.


How environmentally and socially conscious is ArtZ …?
ArtZ cares about the environment and community – from the very beginning, our products have been designed to minimize waste, with any scraps being donated to public schools & art programs or recycled, and seconds being donated to schools for projects and nonprofit organizations for fundraisers. We recycle all of our cardboard boxes and paper and we reuse all of our packing material.


ArtZ’s studio is in a sustainable building of recycled materials, efficient design & energy consumption. We use natural lighting and ventilation to reduce energy costs.


Are your products made in the USA …?
All of our products parts are manufactured in the USA and assembled in Bozeman, Montana. With the exception of some of our leather and fabric being from Europe.


Can I assemble the pages or do I need to send them to ArtZ …?
They are very simple to assemble. There are adhesive strips inside the image page on all 4 sides. You simply remove the protective strips, secure the image and fold the page together, or you can have us dry mount the pages together. See the Dry Mounting Service section for more information.


What is the capacity of the Coffee Table Book and Box …?
The Coffee Table Book can hold up to 30 image pages. Our Special Edition Book holds up to 45 image pages. Remember, our pages are one-sided and our pages can hold one, or multiple images on a page. The Coffee Table Box can hold up to 45 image pages or 15 image boards.


What kind of binding system does the Coffee Table Book use …?
The Coffee Table Book uses a screw post binding system. This system allows you to easily add and remove image pages. It also allows you to have as few as ten pages to as many as thirty pages in the standard Coffee Table Book (we include spacers and different sized screw posts). Our pages are also designed to lay flat when opened.


Does the Coffee Table Book fit into the Coffee Table Box …?

No, they are separate products.


What is the interior material of the book/box …?
The interior of the book & box are linen cloth. The black & brown leather products have a black linen interior.


Can I buy the book/box and not the pages …?
Yes, our Coffee Table Book products are sold separately (book/box and pages/boards) to make them as specific to your needs.


Do you have material swatches of the book & box …?
Yes, our swatches include all leather colors, the black bonded leather, and page colors/texture.


If I have a vertical oriented image, do I need a vertical formatted image page …?
Yes, if it is for the Coffee Table Book. No, if it is for the Coffee Table Box.


Is there a window opening on both sides or one side of the image page …?
The window opening is on one side. As you open the book, images will be on the right-facing page. Our products are designed to frame and present the fine art of the image. Therefore, only one side of the page is used, so one focuses on the image.


How can I use the “blank” image page …?
The blank page can be used a variety of ways: Adhere images ’scrapbook style’; cut a custom window; calligraphy; a beautiful poem or title page; adhere the original announcement or invitation, etc.


Can I order individual pages or must I buy 5 packs of pages …?
You can either order individual pages or 5 packs.


Does a 5-pack of pages mean five of the same pages or five different pages …?
Image pages are sold individually and in packages of five of the same window opening & window orientation, i.e. H/V.


What is the thickness/weight of the image page …?
The pages are made of 80 lb. cover weight paper with a feltweave texture. When you consider the thickness of the front & back panels of the image page and an image in-between, the thickness is approx. 2mm. If you prefer a stiffer or thicker page, you might want to consider our dry mounting service for the image page. For the Coffee Table Box, our dry mounting service creates a ‘stiffer’ image page or the suede backing board creates a ‘thicker’ presentation.


Please describe the thicker mat board for the Coffee Table Box …?
The mat board consists of one black suede mat board backing and one window mat. The black suede mat board backing is very tactile to your fingertips holding the board, as well as protecting the board resting below it. You need to adhere the mat to the board by any means comfortable for you. ArtZ can also mount the boards for you using either double sided tape or dry mounting. The Coffee Table Box holds up to 15 boards.


What is the size of the indent on the cover …?
The size of the indent is 4x4”. Any image, plate, etc. should be sized to 3.75”x3.75”.


What can I do in the cover indention …?
Most commonly, an image is applied. But, you can do some creative things with Adobe Illustrator using an image and graphics. Or, we have applied engraved plates with and without a bordered area for an image. You could commission an artist to create a design, a painting, calligraphy, or an etched plate. The ideas are as vast as your creativity.


What is the best way to adhere an image to the indented area on the front cover …?
We suggest you use the method you are most comfortable with. We have used rubber cement; applied and dry to both surfaces (this method is NOT acid-free, but it is easy to clean and remove image). Other adhesives that work well are double-sided permanent adhesive strips, 3M Spray Mount, and cold mounting adhesive. Basically, any ‘porous’ adhesive will work, but avoid water-soluble adhesives because they could ‘warp’ your image.


Do you have a box or bag for the Coffee Table Book …?
We ship our top grain leather books and boxes in a fine muslin bag.


What is the maximum number of images I can put in the book or box ...?
The ZBook will hold a maximum of 30 single-sided pages (30 images) or 20 double-sided pages (40 images). The ZBox will hold up to 7 single-sided accordions or 5 double-sided accordions or 15 image boards.


How do I assemble the window mats to the pages/boards …?
The mats are separate from the page/board allowing you to mix and match horizontal images with vertical images, as well as, mix image sizes. The backside of the mat is lined around the perimeter with adhesive strips. So, you simply position and secure your image to the backside of the mat. Then, adhere the mat to the page/board by removing the protective covering from the adhesive strips and position the mat on the page. Please note: images should be in correct order and the adhesive is permanent.


Can I put both vertical and horizontal images in the ZBook …?
Yes, the mats are square, allowing you to orient the mat either vertically or horizontally.


Do you offer individual boards for the ZBox …?
Yes, we offer an Image Board that includes a window mat and a black suede mat board backing.

Is there a debossed square on the cover/lid …?
Yes, the debossed area is 3x3”. If you are adhering a photo in the deboss area, the photo should be 2.875”x2.875”.

What is the interior material of the book/box …?
The interior of the book is black linen cloth. The under side of the box lid is black linen cloth, and the interior of the box is black board.


What makes the ArtZ Bookmaker different from other digital books ...?
The ArtZ Bookmaker is a perfect bound book (a permanent, hardbound book) that you can create yourself. We have a patent pending on how the book assembles; allowing the book to easily be printed and assembled by an individual in one sitting.


How is the ArtZ Bookmaker bound ...?
Basically, the album is bound together with permanent bookbinding adhesive. Each page has a flange with an adhesive strip along it. You adhere the pages together along the flange, after they have been printed. When the bulk of pages are together, you adhere the bulk of pages into the spine of the ArtZ Bookmaker. There are two adhesive strips on the interior of the album along the spine. The adhesive used to adhere the pages and book together are all the highest quality 3M bookbinding adhesive products.


What comes in the ArtZ Bookmaker Kit ...?
The kit includes an album cover, 25 printable fine art pages (book holds 20 pages), and printing/assembly instructions. The kit is all packaged in a simple black set-up box.


How durable is the ArtZ Bookmaker ...?
The album is very durable. It is as durable as any perfect bound or hard bound book. However, it is very important to follow the following steps: (1) fold pages at the score line before assembling, (2) prefold front and back cover prior to assembly and (3) after assembly, let the book set under weight for three days. It takes three days for the adhesive to fully cure. At one day it is at 33% of its full strength and at 2 days, it is at 66% of its full strength.


What kind of paper stock is used in the album ...?
The inkjet paper used in the ArtZ Bookmaker is either Crane’s Museo II or Moab’s Entrada. The Museo II fine art inkjet paper is made by the Crane Paper Company. Museo II is a dual sided, pH neutral, acid free and lignin free paper. The basic weight is 220g/m2. Entrada is dual sided, ph neutral, acid free and lignin free paper. The basic weight is 190g/m2. There are downloadable ICC profiles for the various printers on these websites:  or Each product will state the paper available for that specific product.

Is the ArtZ Bookmaker acid free ...?
Yes. The paper is pH neutral, acid free and lignin free. The cover lining is also acid free. All parts that are in contact with your images are acid free. We are not responsible for the quality of ink used because many inks are acidic and the amount of acidity ranges with the type of ink used.


Are there any Photoshop™ templates to help me layout my Album?
Yes, there are single page and full spread templates available on our Resources website section. The single page template allows you to create your page design within the parameters of the page. The full spread template allows you to create a page design across two facing pages.


How long does it take to print and assemble the ArtZ Bookmaker ...?
The initial set-up, which can include downloading ICC profiles and Photoshop™ templates, laying out your page design and test printing is the most time consuming. After the initial set-up, most photographers say they can print and assemble an album in one to two hours. Just assembly takes at most half an hour.


Is there anything I have to do to prepare the paper for printing ...?
We recommend, before you print to lightly clean the paper of micro specks with a brush or can of air for optimal print quality. After you print, for the ultimate protection and preservation - use a protective spray, such as Lyson Print Guard™ Spray.


Can I replace/remove pages from the ArtZ Bookmaker after assembly ...?
The binding is permanent. Once you have assembled the book, it cannot be taken apart.


How do I align the pages perfectly ...?
No special tools are needed, however common binder clips or clamps are recommended to secure the pages while removing the adhesive protective strips to insure the bulk of pages are aligned perfectly.


Will the ink rub off onto the facing page ...?
No, in most all current cases. The coating on the paper allows the ink to flow it and then act as a protective layer. Most inks will not rub, however there are some older black inks that have rubbed slightly onto the facing page. For this reason we recommend that after you print, protect and preserve your images by using a protective spray.


Are there ICC Profiles available for my printer ...?
There are downloadable ICC profiles for the various printers on these websites: & . The ICC profiles are the settings needed for your printer to give you the optimal quality print on our specific photo matte paper. If your printer is not listed on either website, it is recommended that you use your best photo matte paper setting and adjust if necessary.


Can I buy the cover and pages separately ...?
Yes. The cover and pages can be purchased separately.


How many photos does the XBox hold ...?

The XBox holds up to 500 4x6” photos.


Is there a debossed square on the lid …?
Yes, the debossed area is 3x3”. If you are adhering a photo in the deboss area, the photo should be 2.875”x2.875”.


How can I separate photos in the XBox …?
There is a divider in the center of the box. This divider keeps the photos upright and does not permit photos to slide to a flat position in the box. The divider will naturally separate photos into two sections. Some ideas for dividing multiple photo sections further include: making file dividers, ribbon or paper bands around photo groupings or trimming the corners of the photos to differentiate groupings.


What is the interior material of the box …?

The under side of the box lid and trimming is black bonded leather, and the interior of the box is acid free black board.


How do I assemble the window mats to the pages …?
The mats are separate from the page allowing you to mix and match horizontal images with vertical images, as well as, mix image sizes. The backside of the mat is lined around the perimeter with adhesive strips. So, you simply position and secure your image to the backside of the mat. Then, adhere the mat to the page/board by removing the protective covering from the adhesive strips and position the mat on the page. Please note: images should be in correct order and the adhesive is permanent.


Can I put both vertical and horizontal images in the SBook …?
Yes, the mats are square, allowing you to orient the mat either vertically or horizontally.


Can I add extra pages/mats to the SBook …?
Yes, the SBook comes with 10 pages and 20 mats of your choice. You can special order the books with up to 15 pages and 30 mats.


Is there a debossed square on the cover …?
No, the covers are smooth, with the choice of either a soft, pliable black leather or a rigid, natural linen cloth cover.


Are your products archival …?
In order for a product to be deemed ‘archival’ it must be acid-free, lignin-free, have a pH of 8.0-8.5, and pass a battery of tests, not to mention, the test of time. We cannot guarantee that all elements of our products are archival, but the materials that surround images are acid-free. This includes all papers and adhesives used. We must emphasize that we strive to offer the highest quality products available to you and that most certainly includes offering a product that will outlast the test of time. We continually test, question and aspire to the archival aspects of our materials.


What is the difference between your top grain leather and bonded leather products …?
Our top grain leather products use only the ‘top grain’ of the hide (the top/outer layer), so each book or box is unique in its texture. Each book or box is individually positioned on and cut from the hide for the highest in quality in leather products. You will find unique character markings on our top grain leather because it is from the actual hide.

Our bonded leather products are of the highest quality bonded leather material available. Bonded leather is essentially pulverized leather that is rolled onto a backing and stamped with a leather texture. It is what 99% of all leather albums are made of – a standard in the industry and also very consistent in texture and quality.


What is the best way to keep my ArtZ product clean …?
Here are some basic care instructions: Leather – clean with a damp cloth, as you would any fine leather product. Avoid polish and conditioners. Paper/Mats – a kneaded eraser will clean-up any dirt, smudges, etc. Cloth & Linen – wipe with a damp lint-free cloth to remove any dirt, smudges or scratches.


Do you sell any seconds or discontinued products …?
ArtZ has a variety of products that have been seconded, because they did not meet our premium quality standards or discontinued because of improvements. These products are a great value. You can either check out our list of products on the Clearance section of this site or call us.


Can I special order one of your books or boxes in a different color/material …?
Yes, the minimum quantity must be 50 or more. It is too costly for us to set-up production for less than that. If you are looking for one special item, I would suggest seeking out your local bookbinder, they are artisans and will create something very unique. However, expect to pay extra for those unique items.


Do you offer imprinting on the front or inside covers …?
From the beginning, we wanted to offer a more creative or “artzy” approach to ‘signing’ the album/box. That is why we have the indentation on the front of most all of our products. The indentation allows for a photograph, engraved plate, calligraphy, graphics, etching, etc. – what better than to show your creativity and differentiate yourself from your competition with a unique signature.


How do you adhere a photo to the indentation on the front cover ...?

Can you design a custom book/product for me …?
Yes, if the minimum quantity is 50 or more products. It is too costly for us to set-up production for less than that. If you are looking for one special item, I would suggest seeking out your local bookbinder. They are artisans and will create something very unique.  However, expect to pay extra for those unique items.


Tell me about your dry mounting service …?
Dry mounting benefit: It primarily ‘stiffens’ a ‘soft’ image page; meaning thin, yet very durable because the adhesive heats into the paper, stiffening it. Images are securely adhered in the page, and the adhesive is acid-free. Call for an instruction sheet, if you will be dry mounting images.

Pricing: $6.50 per page (not including the cost of the page/mat)

Turn around time: Average time is 7-10 working days

Preparation required: A call into our office, photos must be cropped to window size (i.e. if window mat has a 5x7” opening, the photo size must be 5x7”), photo copies of images in numerical sequence, and signature on our release form.

Note: We are more than happy to supply you with all the information and encouragement required to dry mount on your own.


Tell me about cold mounting image pages …?
Cold mounting benefits: It is easy; no heat is involved, no special equipment; it is acid-free and permanent. We like to cold mount our image boards – securing the image in between the black suede backing board and window mat.         


How long does it typically take before you process my order …?
Typically, we ship within 24 hours. If orders are received before 1pm Mountain Standard Time, they are shipped that day. After 1pm, they are shipped the next business day.


What payment methods do you accept …?
We accept Mastercard, American Express, Visa, or Discover. If you prefer to order by check or money order, please mail your order with payment to our address: ArtZ, P.O. Box 6568, Bozeman, MT 59771. We also accept C.O.D. orders - there is an additional $15 charge for this service.


What price breaks do you offer …?
For orders of $500 - $1,000, we offer free ground shipping. For orders of $1000 or more, we offer a 10% discount of the entire order.


Where can I see your products …?
We get this question often. We sell direct to the professional photographer or artist via our website. Our products are all hand-made in the USA with the highest grade of material, in small runs; therefore, our costs might be higher than some of our competitors.


If you are in the Bozeman, Montana area, we would be happy to have you come to our studio, see our operation and products. Please call Kristin at 406.586.8720, to make an appointment.


What is your guarantee …?
ArtZ guarantees the delivery of a quality product to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will either replace the product or refund/credit your account. All returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of goods. We shall not be liable for damages due to normal wear, misuse or accidents. We are not responsible for any damages to photos or materials placed into, affixed to, or stored within our products.


How do I return product …?
First of all, returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of goods and the merchandise must be in new condition. Make sure the products are well-padded, with the walls of the packaging never touching the merchandise. Most importantly, insure the return package, because we cannot accept damaged goods nor be responsible for packages lost during shipping. Ship to: ArtZ, P.O. Box 6568, Bozeman, MT 59771 or ArtZ, 408 North Plum Ave., Bozeman, MT 59715. Please note: Postage, handling and return shipping charges are not refundable.


If you require further assistance, please email us or call toll-free (800) 789-6503 or (406) 586-8720.


How do you ship product to other countries …?
We typically ship via the FedEx Ground or Federal Express in the US, and USPS to other countries, but we are happy to ship whatever method you prefer. We typically communicate with you regarding your order via email. Payment is preferred on credit card in US dollars.


Are there any items that we can get discounted for display …?

We have a one-time sample discount of 10% on our products.

How do I price your products …?

That is a question we are asked quite often and this is all we can offer: It really depends on your geographical locale and what your market will bear. Most photographers either price the album/box separately from the wedding or as a total wedding package deal. Plus, you must factor in price of images and assembly. You know your customer base and probably have a good idea how much they will spend.


How can I showcase your products without buying one of each …?
It really depends on your budget: You can purchase one of our products and display your own work in it or supplement one of our products with our catalog and material/paper swatch options. Having one of our products is helpful to show the high quality of our products and your images. You can also have your clients review our website on the consumer side.


What is your Privacy Policy …?

We respect your privacy. You are not required to register. You only need to leave the information required to fulfill an order, receive a catalog, or respond to an email. Information given to us stays with us. We will never share your personal information with another company, and we will use it only for purposes to which you have consented. Any financial information that you provide to us is encrypted for your complete on-line security. We have taken industry standard security measures to protect from the loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control and we make good faith efforts to secure that any information collected is not available to the public, but like anyone, we cannot guarantee complete security. We use a leader in shopping cart security – Americart. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us.


I am having a problem with your website, who do I contact …?
First of all, we hope we have not caused you too much inconvenience. We want to know if there is any problem, so please contact us at or call 800.789.6503.


Who designed your website …?
Carrie Patterson Design & Photography - ArtZ is so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Carrie on our website design. She not only brought an understated, creative approach to visual problem solving, but she also brought the invaluable eyes of a professional photographer.


Since 2004, Carrie has built a successful business photographing weddings and events in the Jackson Hole area. She also works as a commercial photographer shooting lifestyle photography for resorts and private residences all over the region. See her work at


Who is responsible for your photography?

All product photography is by Carrie Patterson Photography, the same Carrie that designed our site. You can see her work at: All photographs of Kristin VanDeWalle and the ArtZ Studio are by Shelly Saunders of Saunders Photographic. You can see her work at:



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