Let your artistry soar with this innovation in the digital photo presentation… a create-it yourself hardbound book.


This exciting product allows you to have even more creative power over your presentation. The beautifully crafted bonded leather book comes with two-sided fine art pages that you can digitally (inkjet) print and assemble for a one-of-a-kind, personalized book. Our patent-pending innovation gives you the ability to create a hardbound coffee table book that looks like it was produced by a top grade publishing house. Available in three sizes (7x7”, 10x10” and 11x14”), the book is handcrafted in handsome black bonded leather. A debossed area on the cover can be used for that extra dash of panache. The fine art quality pages are the finest quality archival, professional photo art paper and can be printed on both sides with most any digital printer. The book can hold 10-20 pages. The end result is a museum quality product that you created!


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Overall size:

11x14” Book = 15Wx11.375Lx.625”H, 10x10” Book = 11Wx10.375Lx.625”H, 7x7” Book = 8Wx7.25Lx.625”H

Capacity: 10-20 pages

Cover finish: Black Bonded Leather

All components are acid-free

Patent-pending system to create and bind album yourself using adhesive technology. No tools required.

Permanent binding system


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